Adding Business Value, Increasing ROI in Testing

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Increase your personal toolkit to cope with today’s challenges of improving product quality while reducing costs to increase the ROI in the testing group of your organization.


Today, we are facing an increasing demand of test managers to improve productivity and product quality, to reduce costs of testing, to reduce the demand of resources, and to get-it-right-the-first-time.

This challenge is forcing test managers to improve in three major topics:

  • Improving the testing processes
  • Managing testing project risks better
  • Managing professional testers, and the supporting environment better by improving communication, diplomacy and negotiation skills

In practical exercises and simulations participation enforces these goals by enhancing test managers’ knowledge of how to tackle the challenges.


Participants will be familiar with methods for test process improvement and the TPI model. They will discuss a method for evaluating process maturity from different aspects and dependencies between the testing processes. They will learn how to quick-start TPI effort in a testing organization and will be able to identify suitable projects for the TPI pilot.
A second focus of this course is on Risk Management. Participants will understand its concepts and implications for their testing projects. They will be able to describe the principals of Risk Based Testing and test execution strategies concerning RBT. They will know what the Risk Language is, when best to apply RBT during the testing life cycle, and how to design an excel tool for risk strategy in the planning phase.
Communication concepts and methods offer support when introducing and integrating new ideas in the organization. Participants will be familiar with different paradigms of personalities, and will practice to provide accessible and convincing information without prompting resistance. They will discuss how to present and pass a message to others and how to give and obtain inspirational feedback.


Solid testing know-how and experience. The course refers at large to terminology, methods, techniques and processes that are presented in methodical trainings such as the various courses in the ISTQB certified tester scheme (preferably Advanced Level)


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