The software testing technical terms - not only for ISTQB® Certified Tester Download PDF

1. A set of preconditions, inputs, actions (where applicable), expected results and postconditions, developed based on test conditions. [Reference: After ISO 29119]

2. set of test case preconditions, inputs (including actions, where applicable), and expected results, developed to drive the execution of a test item to meet test objectives, including correct implementation, error identification, checking quality, and other valued information
NOTE1: A test case is the lowest level of test input (i.e. test cases are not made up of test cases) for the test sub-process for which it is intended.
NOTE2: Test case preconditions include test environment, existing data (e.g. databases), software under test, hardware, etc.
NOTE3: Inputs are the data information used to drive test execution.
NOTE4: Expected results include success criteria, failures to check for, etc.