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The degree to which a component or system can be modified by the intended maintainers. [Reference: After ISO 25010]

maintainability testingUK

test type conducted to evaluate the degree of effectiveness and efficiency with which a test item may be modified


The process of modifying a component or system after delivery to correct defects, improve quality characteristics, or adapt to a changed environment. [Reference: After ISO 24765]

maintenance testingUK

Testing the changes to an operational system or the impact of a changed environment to an operational system.


Software that is intended to harm a system or its components.

malware scanningUK

Static analysis aiming to detect and remove malicious code received at an interface. - See also: intrusion detection system

man-in-the-middle attackUK

The interception, mimicking and/or altering and subsequent relaying of communications (e.g., credit card transactions) by a third party such that a user remains unaware of that third party's presence.

management reviewUK

A systematic evaluation of software acquisition, supply, development, operation, or maintenance process, performed by or on behalf of management that monitors progress, determines the status of plans and schedules, confirms requirements and their system allocation, or evaluates the effectiveness of management approaches to achieve fitness for purpose. [Reference: After ISO 24765, IEEE 1028]

manufacturing-based qualityUK

A view of quality, whereby quality is measured by the degree to which a product or service conforms to its intended design and requirements. Quality arises from the process(es) used. [Reference: After Garvin] - See also: product-based quality, transcendent-based quality, user-based quality, value-based quality

master test planUK

A test plan that is used to coordinate multiple test levels or test types. - See also: test plan