Test automation promises to enhance test efficiency.

Slow, complex, manual testing should be superseded by a test automation.

Accelerated implementation, continuous repeatability, independence of  testing personnel, accuracy in the repetitive implementation count among other to the clear benefit factors in favour of test automation. Especially when it comes to regression tests which have to be regularly repeated. And at system test nonstop in agile projects, where fast feedback via test automation has special importance.

In contrast, there is a danger that automation programs are created with great effort, which destroy the aspired effects because of the wrong tools, lacking robustness and unfavorable setup.

Here is where the imbus 4-phase model for test automation get into the game providing the best test automation for your needs, targeted and quickly:

  • we design together with you the correct test automation architecture
  • we assume or accompany the evaluation and selection of eligible tools
  • we implement the necessary automation scripts and test modules
  • and implement the test automation solution in your company in a sustainable way.

To avoid the risks and pitfalls that brings a test automation with yourself and achieve your test automation goals reliably. We are happy to transfer our knowledge to you - for an efficient and maintainable test automation that works long term.

Starting points in test automation

  • You aren’t sure, if test automation pays off?
    Our independent cost-benefit analysis provides the necessary basis for decision.
  • You haven’t yet dealt with the topic test automation?
    Start with the automation goals and the test strategy!
  • You want to automate tests but you don’t know which tool is suitable for you?
    We know the eligible tools and assume or accompany the tool evaluation.
  • You have already got a tool but you need support to set up or to improve the test automation?
    We advise and support on architecture, implementation and utilisation concept!

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