The software testing technical terms - not only for ISTQB® Certified Tester Download PDF

RACI matrixUK

A matrix describing the participation by various roles in completing tasks or deliverables for a project or process. It is especially useful in clarifying roles and responsibilities. RACI is an acronym derived from the four key responsibilities most typically used: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.


A technique for decreasing the load on a system in a measurable and controlled way.


A technique for increasing the load on a system in a measurable and controlled way.

random testingUK

A black-box test technique in which test cases are designed by generating random independent inputs to match an operational profile.

Rational Unified ProcessUK

A proprietary adaptable iterative software development process framework consisting of four project lifecycle phases: inception, elaboration, construction and transition.

reactive test strategyUK

A test strategy whereby the test team waits to design and implement tests until the software is received, reacting to the actual system under test.

reactive testingUK

Testing that dynamically responds to the behavior of the test object and to test results being obtained.


The exploration of a target area aiming to gain information that can be useful for an attack.