Professional software testing services

imbus‘ professional software testing services provide functioning software – and its users will be delighted.

  • Software Testing
    The test experts from imbus complete all testing tasks reliably and viably: they plan and design effective test cases, develop a tailored test automation and do the test execution quickly, efficiently and completely documented. In unit tests, integration tests and system tests, plus load testing and performance testing.
  • Test Management
    Our test manager align the test strategy and test efforts to the terms of your project individually and to select the best-fitting tools and test methods. They control your test team and provide you with regular objective test reports, error messages and reviews on product quality. And serve you as a consultant, for example, on issues related to process improvement.
  • Reviews and Inspections
    We moderate reviews and inspections of their requirements documents and specifications and bring an independent expertise in code inspections and code coverage and analysis.
    Thus, implementation errors can be discovered early on and at low cost or completely avoided.

We provide everything you need for effective, efficient testing: knowledge, certified personnel, tools, and infrastructure.

  • On site or as Managed Testing Services
    The imbus test experts work on site in your project team. All services can just as well be carried out within an outsourcing model or as managed testing services.
  • Agile or Classic
    Regardless, after which development model you are working, agile Scrum or Kanban, or based on the V-model: we support you with an efficient test procedure.
  • For the entire world of IT
    imbus is at home in the entire world of IT. As always your test object looks like, we will help you to master their test challenges:
    • We test your business critical IT and web applications,
    • your safety critical "embedded system", eg in Industry or Healthcare
    • and your mobile applications and systems.

Our references and project examples can be found here.

  • Benefits and Advantages
    • Your test is accelerated - the time-to-market is shortened.
    • Decrease your cost of testing, product support and maintenance.
    • You have scalable test resources to respond quickly and flexibly to peak loads.
    • Reduce or avoid costs for hardware and software test environment.
    • And: your software product is stable and mature in the market.

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