Professional career requirement at various levels means that there is a clear need for appropriate courses for both initial and further professional development training, such as
What subject fields should I select? What training courses will meet my personal goals? What qualification I can achieve? What certificates should I obtain? The following overview will help you choose your topic:

ISTQB® Certified Tester

The ISTQB® Certified Tester standard is subdivided into the Levels Foundation, Advanced and Expert as well as the streams Agile, Core and Specialist.

While the levels indicate the in-depth coverage of a specific topic, the streams indicate where a topic should be located in terms of breadth:

  • Core: Basic test knowledge that describes a standard-compliant procedure for all industries and test environments.
  • Agile: Testing in agile project environments.
  • Specialist: Topics that have recently moved into the focus of quality assurance and software testing. Developed in different markets and for specific industries and compliant with ISTQB®.

The Foundation Level also includes courses from the ISTQB®-related environment, which were designed to be compatible with the ISTQB® methodology from the onset and which extend the subject area.

Agile Testing & Agile Development

Agile approach needs rehearsing! With these trainings you can enhance your expertise in agile testing projects or master the transition to agile procedures beyond the methodology taught in the ISTQB® Certified Tester Agile Tester.
You will learn how to efficiently design testing in agile development projects and how to transfer the flexibility of the agile approach to testing.

Test Specialist

Specific areas of testing and related tasks require specific know-how and specific techniques and skills. The ISTQB®-stream "Specialist" already conveys many of these aspects of testing or test-related situations, e.g. in test automation as well as for handling industry standards, performance or usability. In this category you will find more in-depth information on these and complementary topics such as writing requirements and specifications.
Even beyond these, we help you tackle a wide range of quality related issues, such as the test of embedded systems, mobile apps, etc. or the consideration of a standard such as DICOM for image communication in the medical field.

Test Management

Testing knowledge for Managers! Practice and refine the comprehensive know-how from the management area of the ISTQB® Certified Tester Standard with analysis methods and process improvement approaches that will help you to make targeted improvements to your own test processes and to manage your tests in a professional way.

You can also join courses for training your soft skills, which are a critical factor in management!


Quality Assurance

The cheapest mistake is the one that never occurs. Learn how to avoid errors by boosting your QA and test activities! In our courses you will find preventive measures of project and risk management as well as hands on quality assurance skills.

Requirements Engineering

How to handle requirements professionally?
How to formulate and document requirements?
What is the relationship between requirements management and testing?
These areas are not part of the core area of testing, but sound knowledge is a decisive basis for software quality and testing. Therefore, we have awarded the established standard Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering of the IREB® (International Requirements Engineering Board) and some additional contributions a separate category.



IT-Security von Anfang an! In unseren Schulungen lernen Sie Methoden und Strategien kennen, mit denen Ihr gesamtes IT-Team von Anfang bis Ende des Projekt-Lebenszyklus IT Security in Ihr Produkt integrieren.
Security gibt es auch im ISTQB® Certified Tester Schema! Dort erwartet Sie in gewohnt branchenübergreifend anwendbarer und fundierter Form ein umfassendes Methodentraining zu dem Thema Security. So machen Sie Software widerstandsfähig gegen Angriffe und Sicherheitslücken.
Über unsere Trainings hinaus nimmt unsere Security Unit aus dem Geschäftsbereich Beratung Sie gerne mit auf den Weg zu einer sicheren IT.


Vom Einsteiger bis zum Experten bieten wir Anwendern die passende Ausbildung für spezifische Testswerkzeuge an – allen voran Kurse und Infoveranstaltungen für die praxiserprobte imbus TestBench aber auch für gängige Testautomatisierungswerkzeuge.

Der Einsatz von Testwerkzeugen und insbesondere die Testautomatisierung sind große und komplexe Gebiete. Über Trainings zu konkreten Werkzeugen hinaus vermitteln wir Ihnen Methodik zu Einsatz und Auswahl von Tools im Teststandard ISTQB® Certified Tester insbesondere in den Trainings „Technical Test Analyst – ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level“ und “ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Manager“. Um diese Gebiete sicher zu beherrschen, werden im Zertifzierungskurs “ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer” technische Grundlagen zur Architektur und Wartung von Testautomatisierungslösungen vermittelt; im Methodentraining „Testautomatisierung managen“ wird stärker die Management-Seite der Testautomatisierung beleuchtet. Im Kurs „Continuous Integration für agile Tester“ lernt man, wie man eine Automatisierungs-Tool-Chain für die kontinuierliche Integration in (aber nicht nur in) agilen Projekten aufsetzt.

Selbstverständlich können wir Sie auch über Trainings hinaus zu Werkzeugen beraten und coachen und Ihnen im gesamten Prozess der Bereitstellung Ihrer Testdaten mit unserer breiten Erfahrung zur Seite stehen!



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