Professional career requirement at various levels means that there is a clear need for appropriate courses for both initial and further professional development training, such as
What subject fields should I select? What training courses will meet my personal goals? What qualification I can achieve? What certificates should I obtain? The following overview will help you choose your topic:

ISTQB® Certified Tester

With the worldwide recognized ISTQB® Certified Tester, you will have various testing knowledge at your disposal. It consists of Foundation, Advanced and Expert Level Certifications. For courses in local languages, we operate in certain European countries in collaboration with local partners. In Asian countries, imbus Shanghai and in North America, imbus Canada Corporation provide the ISTQB Certified Tester courses with the usual imbus quality standards.

Agile Testing & Agile Development

With these agile trainings, you will boost your agile projects or support a smooth transition to agile procedures. You will learn how to make testing in agile projects efficient and apply the flexibility of agile procedures to testing.

Test Specialist

Testing in the special fields and the tasks that are associated with them which require particular skills and techniques. E.g. Testing Embedded Systems, Model-Based Testing, TTCN-3, Acceptance Tests or creating Test Specifications.

Test Management

Testing knowledge for Managers! Our courses will provide you analysis methods and process improvement approaches that will help you to make targeted improvements to your own test processes and to manage your tests in a professional way.

Requirements Engineering

Clear requirements are critical basis for software testing. What exactly is the correct way to handle requirements? How should I formulate and document requirements? What are the connections between requirement management and testing?

Quality Assurance & Management

This courses cover, among other things, measures for software defects prevention and the basics of project management and risk management. You will be able to steer even large and high-risk projects to a successful conclusion.

Product Trainings

From beginners to experts, we provide users with the right training for specific products – also available as partner training.

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