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An organizational improvement model that serves as a roadmap for initiating, planning, and implementing improvement actions. The IDEAL model is named for the five phases it describes: initiating, diagnosing, establishing, acting, and learning.

The identification of all work products affected by a change, including an estimate of the resources needed to accomplish the change. [Reference: After ISO 24765]

An event occurring that requires investigation.

A tool that facilitates the recording and status tracking of incidents. - See also: defect management tool

Documentation of the occurrence, nature, and status of an incident. [Reference: ISO 29119]

documentation of the occurrence, nature, and status of an incident

A type of software development lifecycle model in which the component or system is developed through a series of increments. [Reference: After PMBOK]

Separation of responsibilities, which encourages the accomplishment of objective testing. [Reference: After DO-178b]

An organization responsible to test and certify that the software, hardware, firmware, platform, and operating system follow all the jurisdictional rules for each location where the product will be used.