What is the ISTQB® Certified Tester?

Youe training and certiication scheme. In over 130 countries on six continents, the ISTQB® Certified Tester is the world's most successful certification scheme for software testing.

imbus Canada is your accredited ISTQB® training provider for the North Americas

imbus Canada imparts this knowhow with its ISTQB® accredited trainings in Canada and the USA. Everyone who attends a training course from imbus Canada, gets 20 years of ISTQB® Certified Tester passion and experience with their standardized knowledge base for software testers. This is your best preparation for the exam!

The training modules on your path to success

The ISTQB® Certified Tester will support your professional software testing on three consecutive levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert and in three streams: core, agile and specialist! While the levels indicate how deep the material goes into a particular topic, the streams indicate where a topic is located in terms of breadth:

  • Core: Basic testing knowledge that describes a standards-compliant approach across all industries and testing environments.
  • Agile: Testing in agile software development project environments.
  • Specialist: Topics that are increasingly coming to the fore in quality assurance and software testing, such as the testing of non-functional quality characteristics. Developed from different markets and for specific industries and prepared to comply with ISTQB®.

ISTQB® Certified Tester Training - Learn when and where you want!

We offer our Certified Tester training courses in both face-to-face and virtual classroom formats. The Foundation Level is even available as e-learning in a blended learning format. You can find all the information about our online offerings  here.


Classroom training

imbus classroom training takes place either as a company event at your premises or as open seminars at selected training centres at various locations in Germany. The Certified Tester Standard training courses usually last between 2 and 6 days, depending on the module. Experienced imbus trainers teach face-to-face and will also be happy to answer your questions during the breaks.

Attending an open seminar at one of our training centres gives you the opportunity to make new contacts and exchange ideas with colleagues from other companies and working environments.

Comfortable catering during the training rounds off your classroom training at an imbus training centre.

You can take the certification exam on the last day of the course.

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Virtual Classroom training

Virtual Classroom training (VC) training can also be delivered as a company seminar or as an open seminar. You will meet with your learning group and trainer in full-day live online sessions. Training for the Certified Tester Standard usually takes between 2 and 6 days, depending on the module.

The learning units you work on together or in small groups and the breaks are optimised for the online learning situation. The trainer is available to answer your questions in the plenum or in a personal chat.

With Virtual Classroom training, you save valuable travel time and still benefit from direct feedback from the instructor and your peers.

You can take the online certification exam at a later date of your choice.

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The Certified Tester Foundation Level e-learning in blended learning format is a mixture of self-study and virtual classroom sessions. The focus of this format is on flexibility and self-directed learning.

The 4-week learning programme starts with an online kick-off. You will then have access to learning units in our learning environment, imbus Digital Learning, which you will work on independently.

You will consult with your trainer and other participants in regular online sessions. Here, or by e-mail with your trainer, you can clarify questions that have arisen during the self-study phase. After completing the course, you will have access to the learning content for a full four weeks.

You can take the online certification exam at a later date of your choice.

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The ISTQB® Certified Tester has a lot to offer:

  • Worldwide recognition
    The ISTQB® Certified Tester is THE international standard for training and professional development in software testing. With 845,000 certificates in over 130 countries and on every continent, it is today considered one of the most successful IT certification schemes of all time.
  • Standardised language in testing
    The international standardization of curricula through a glossary means that  the technical terms within the ISTQB® Certified Tester universe are consistent across subject areas and language boundaries.
  • A seal of quality
    The syllabi are created and released centrally by expert groups of the umbrella organisation ISTQB®. The national ISTQB® member boards (such as the German Testing Board in Germany) ensure the professional translation of the syllabi. They also monitor the training and examination system and provide a link to the local markets.
  • Ensuring independence and objectivity
    Independent organisations are responsible for creating the exam questions and for developing and providing training courses for aspiring Certified Testers.
  • Staying up to date
    The ISTQB® ensures that the syllabi always reflect state of the art methods in software testing.

Who will benefit from the qualification?

The certificates are excellent proof of qualification for IT specialists from all industries. Apart from classic software testers (test managers, test analysts, test automation specialists, etc.), employees from business departments, project managers, QA representatives and developers also expand their testing knowledge by means of ISTQB® trainings.

The qualification programme is also very important for the overall cost efficiency of a software project, because a better understanding of software testing and quality assurance can significantly improve the cooperation between, for example, business, testing and software development, and lead to lower overall project costs with improved quality.

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