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We advise you on what benefits your company can derive from the new standard, how it can be adapted to your individual circumstances and how it can be used sensibly in current or future projects.


The software testing standard ISO 29119

You only need the right treasure map and the path will get simple – this holds true for software testing, too.

The series 29119 is relevant for all life cycle models. It supersedes the well-known norms IEEE 829 about documentation and BS 7925 about test techniques.

The new international ISO standard for software testing:

  • 29119-1: Concepts and definitions
  • 29119-2: Test processes
  • 29119-3: Test documentation
  • 29119-4: Test techniques
  • 29119-5: Keyword-Driven Testing

First-hand information on the ISO 29119

Let us show you how to head for the treasure of the norm 29119:

  • We counsel you on how your company can benefit from the new standard, how you can adapt it to your individual conditions and use it in a sensible way for current or upcoming projects.
  • Represented by our managing consultant Matthias Daigl we take an active part in the development of the series 29119. Matthias Daigl is a member of the DIN norm commission 043-01-07 “Software und System-Engineering” and he is one of the two Germans who belong to the international ISO/IEC JTC 1 subcommittee 07 workgroup 26 “Software testing” working on the standard 29119 with test experts from the whole world. There the imbus consultant has the editor role for the part 29119-5.
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