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A person or organization who is actively involved in security attacks, usually with malicious intent. - See also: attacker

hardware in the loopUK

Dynamic testing performed using real hardware with integrated software in a simulated environment. [Reference: Automotive SPICE]


Transformation of a variable length string of characters into a usually shorter fixed-length value or key. Hashed values, or hashes, are commonly used in table or database lookups. Cryptographic hash functions are used to secure data.


A generally recognized rule of thumb that helps to achieve a goal.

heuristic evaluationUK

An evaluation of a work product that uses a heuristic.

high-level test caseUK

A test case with abstract preconditions, input data, expected results, postconditions, and actions (where applicable).

human-centered designUK

An approach to design that aims to make software products more usable by focusing on the use of the software products and applying human factors, ergonomics, and usability knowledge and techniques. [Reference: ISO 9241-210]


A pointer within a web page that leads to other web pages.

hyperlink test toolUK

A tool used to check that no broken hyperlinks are present on a web site.