The software testing technical terms - not only for ISTQB® Certified Tester Download PDF

technical reviewUK

A type of formal review by a team of technically-qualified personnel that examines the quality of a work product and identifies discrepancies from specifications and standards.

test adaptation layerUK

The layer in a test automation architecture which provides the necessary code to adapt test scripts on an abstract level to the various components, configuration or interfaces of the SUT.

test analysisUK

The activity that identifies test conditions by analyzing the test basis.

test approachUK

The implementation of the test strategy for a specific project.

test architectUK

(1) A person who provides guidance and strategic direction for a test organization and for its relationship with other disciplines. (2) A person who defines the way testing is structured for a given system, including topics such as test tools and test data management.

test automationUK

The use of software to perform or support test activities.

test automation architectureUK

An instantiation of the generic test automation architecture to define the architecture of a test automation solution, i.e., its layers, components, services and interfaces.

test automation engineerUK

A person who is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of a test automation architecture as well as the technical evolution of the resulting test automation solution.

test automation frameworkUK

A tool that provides an environment for test automation. It usually includes a test harness and test libraries.