The software testing technical terms - not only for ISTQB® Certified Tester Download PDF

Testing to compare two or more variants of a test item or a simulation model of the same test item by executing the same test cases on all variants and comparing the results. [Reference: Spillner]

type of reliability testing, measures the degree to which system state can be restored from backup within specified
parameters of time, cost, completeness, and accuracy in the event of failure

A strategic tool for measuring whether the operational activities of a company are aligned with its objectives in terms of business vision and strategy. - See also: corporate dashboard, scorecard

The response of a component or system to a set of input values and preconditions.

A collaborative approach to development in which the team is focusing on delivering expected behavior of a component or system for the customer, which forms the basis for testing.

A type of acceptance testing performed at an external site to the developer's test environment by roles outside the development organization.

A test technique based on an analysis of the specification of a component or system.