With around 25,000 course participants, imbus is currently one of the worldwide market leading training providers for software quality management and software testing.

Here you will find the most important milestones in the history of our Academy:

February 2024 Publication of the dPunkt reference book "Basiswissen KI-Testen" by our trainers and AI specialists Dr Gerhard Runze and Nils Röttger together with Verena Dietrich.
September 2023     The imbus ISTQB® Certified Tester - AI Testing training now also accredited in German
December 2022     Numerous imbus training experts take part in the review of the new ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus, contributing several hundred findings and thus helping to ensure the quality of the syllabus.
June 2022     We launch the ISTQB® Certified Tester training AI & Testing as the first training provider accredited by the German Testing Board.
April 2022     Publication of the dpunkt reference book "Keyword-Driven Testing" by the two long-standing imbus trainers Matthias Daigl and René Rohner.
October 2021     The imbus Academy expands its range of online training courses to include a new type of blended learning training solution, which is enthusiastically received by training participants.
March 2020 Virtual Classroom Training at imbus AG - the imbus Academy launches its new product range of electronically supported learning formats with Virtual Classom trainings. As with face-to-face training, imbus also sets the highest quality standards for online training.
November 2019 Cyber Security Essentials - World premiere at imbus AG - The first course on the new certification standard of the Alliance for Quality (A4Q) is held at imbus. The course describes the basics for the development of secure IT systems across all project roles, and is an excellent introduction to the topic for all ISTQB® Certified Testers!
September 2019 ISTQB® marketing working group visits imbus
August2019 ISTQB® process working group visits imbus
July2019 Bringing security to life: the imbus Security Unit presents the start of its workshop series on the Security Test: - Web Applications - Basics
November 2018 imbus certifies colleagues as the world's first performance tester in accordance with the ISTQB® standard that is currently being developed
September 2018 At imbus, theory meets practice - in addition to the new trainees, dual students start their training, who are prepared for their entry into the working world in courses offered by the imbus Academy, among others.
September 2018 At imbus, theory meets practice - In addition to employing new trainees, we are running a dual university program that includes courses at the imbus Academy to prepare students for their business careers.
August 2018 The first ISTQB® Test Automation Engineers worldwide. Our new course is held for the first time and all participants pass the subsequent ISTQB® Certified Tester Test Automation Engineer examination at Advanced Level.
April 2018 Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger - one of the first trainers at the imbus Academy is elected Chairman of the German Testing Board.
November 2017 We develop parts of the ASQF/GTB IoT training and conduct the first training in March 2018 - all participants pass the subsequent exam to become Certified Professionals for IoT Foundation Level.
June 2017 First Security Tester training at IISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level in Germany.
January 2017 imbus Academy has trained 10,000 participants to become Certified Testers.  
November 2016 A leading role in test know-how world-wide – imbus and ISTQB® are pleased to announce that imbus has achieved Global Partner Status with ISTQB®, International Software Testing Qualifications Board (www.istqb.org).
September 2016 Global tester's knowledge for North America - imbus Canada accredited as IISTQB® training provider.
March 2016 New members of the squad! imbus continues to meet the market's brisk demand: Starting with Klaus Erlenbach in January, Dr. Christian Brandes is yet another great addition to the top-level core-team of trainers of the imbus Academy.
February 2016 imbus trainers and staff bring on technical literature: Rolf Glunz and Matthias Daigl publish a guide to the testing norms: "ISO 29119 – Die Softwaretest-Normen verstehen und anwenden" and Doris Rubruck joins the team of authors around Martin Pol for the German edition of the book „Testing Cloud Services“.
November 2015 imbus-curriculum expanded: New courses comprise training on the Certified Automotive Software Tester (CTFL®-CAST), Test Automation, Continuous Integration for Agile Testers and the Certification „UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Usability Testing and Evaluation“.
October  2015 Join in the talk about ISO 29119 on pressing a button - the imbus Glossary provides the complete Defintions of Terms of the Norm.
July 2015 Freshen-Up your Education! - imbus Academy celebrates 15th anniversary with special offers and a campaign around the Green Smoothie.
June 2015 The smart solution for test management, automation and Agile - Three variants of the TestBench-day each provide a concise introduction to the tool.
May 2015 Efficient testing through testautomation - Brand new imbus training provides participants with the expertise for a successful implementation.
February 2015 The German Testing Board (GTB) lists the imbus academy as the first accredited provider for the course "IISTQB® Certified Tester Agile Extension".
February 2015 Joining forces for test automation - imbus now GOLD Partner of Ranorex.
December 2014 In her newly released training brochure für, the imbus Academy expands its range of topics with courses that are useful for testers beyond the actual software testing and thus becomes the all-round supplier of training for software quality assurance and testing.
May 2014 The textbook for the new ISTQB® Agile Tester: The SCRUM best-seller by Tilo Linz‘ Scrum best seller now available in English
May 2014 imbus presents an interactive ISTQB® glossary in six languages (German, English (UK), Norwegian, Chinese, Finnish, Polish)
December 2013 10,000 times first-hand testing know how: imbus Academy welcomes its 10,000th training participant
October 2013 The imbus Academy  is the first training provider which is re-accredited for all three modules of the new curriculum (V2012)
September 2013 Testen à la carte - mit dem neuen ISO-Standard 29119: in close cooperation with Beuth-Verlag, which is the exclusive editor of the ISO standard in German language, imbus provides training on the new ISO standard 29119 with trainers, who played an active role in the standard's creation
April 13 &ISTQB® Platinum Partner:The International Software Testing Qualifications Board IISTQB® has awarded the Platinum Partner status to imbus AG in recognition of so much software testing know-how.
December 2012 There are five new courses in imbus Academy’s 2013 training program.
November 2012 The Academy welcomes its 6,500th course participant to the Certified Tester training program.
September 2012 "Basiswissen Softwaretest" – dpunkt Verlag publishes the 5th Edition of the textbook, that has been listed topeller for software testing for 10 years.
March 2012 imbus presents the ISTQB® Glossary now in four languages. The user interface has been revised, too.
November 2011 New training category: agile test & agile development
October 2010 The Academy welcomes its 5,000th course participant to the Certified Tester training program.
December 2009 The manager of the imbus Academy Arne Becher is appointed a member of the German Testing Board’s newly founded Technical Advisor Group.
April 2009 The imbus Academy receives accreditation for the ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level training courses in accordance with the new curriculum.  It is the first training provider in the world to be accredited for all three modules in German language.
October 2008 The Academy welcomes its 5,000th course participant.
July 2008 The academy welcomes its 50 trainer! The specialist for test automation and E-learning Tim Kutzner completes, the trainer team of the academy!
May 2008 ISTQB® Certified Tester training course in Malaysia
April 2008 With Denver, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, Austin and Atlanta, training courses from the imbus Academy are now held regularly at 6 locations in the USA.
April 2008 Arne Becher becomes the new manager of the imbus Academy
August 2007 Market launch of ISTQB® Certified Tester courses in China by imbus Shanghai
August 2006 The textbook on the ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager by Andreas Spillner, Tilo Linz, Thomas Roßner, Mario Winter: "Praxiswissen Softwaretest – Testmanagement" is released.
May 2006 First imbus ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level training course in North America
June 2005 1000th course participant in an ISTQB® Certified Tester training course
February 2005 The American Testing Board (ATB) accredits imbus AG as a training provider for English language IISTQB® Certified Tester training courses
February 2004 The imbus AG expands its range of open seminars to many new training places in Germany and German speaking countries.
October 2003 First accreditation for IISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level training courses.
September 2002 "Basiswissen Softwaretest" the bestseller by Andreas Spillner and Tilo Linz is available in it's first edition.
January 2002 The German Testing Board (GTB e.V.) accredits imbus AG as the first IISTQB® Certified Tester training provider in Germany.
June 2000 Opening of the imbus Software QS Training Center.
June 2000 Matthias Daigl takes over the management of the imbus Academy.
1998 First training course and the start of the imbus training course portfolio
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