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A representation of dynamic measurements of operational performance for some organization or activity, using metrics represented via metaphors such as visual dials, counters, and other devices resembling those on the dashboard of an automobile, so that the effects of events or activities can be easily understood and related to operational goals. - See also: corporate dashboard, scorecard

The sequence of possible changes to the state of data objects. [Reference: Beizer]

Data transformation that makes it difficult for a human to recognize the original data.

The protection of personally identifiable information or otherwise sensitive information from undesired disclosure.

A scripting technique that uses data files to contain the test data and expected results needed to execute the test scripts.

The process of finding, analyzing and removing the causes of failures in a component or system.

A tool used by programmers to reproduce failures, investigate the state of programs and find the corresponding defect. Debuggers enable programmers to execute programs step by step, to halt a program at any program statement and to set and examine program variables.