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test plan


1. Documentation describing the test objectives to be achieved and the means and the schedule for achieving them, organized to coordinate testing activities. [Reference: After ISO 29119]

2. detailed description of test objectives to be achieved and the means and schedule for achieving them, organised to coordinate testing activities for some test item or set of test items
NOTE1: A project can have more than one Test Plan, for example there could be a Project Test Plan (also known as a master test plan) that encompasses all testing activities on the project; further detail of particular test activities could be defined in one or more test sub-process plans (i.e. a system test plan or a performance test plan).
NOTE2: Typically a Test Plan is written document, though other plan formats could be possible as defined locally within an organization or project.
NOTE3: Test Plans could also be written for non-project activities, for example a maintenancetest plan.