Using the imbus TestBench, you structure and administer your tests and testing tasks quickly and in an easily understandable way.

Advantages of the Test Planning with TestBench:

Professional test planning with a few mouse clicks: With the TestBench, you create detailed test plans in a clear tree structure.

Important planning and status attributes that can be evaluated quickly, such as responsible person, priority or due date, can be placed at any classification level, as required. 

With user-defined planning elements, you are flexible and have the chance to depict your individual test process.

The TestBench provides you with complete support for requirement-based testing.  Connections for widely-used requirement tools are available.

You just need a few clicks to see what still needs to be done so that the product fulfils the given requirements. Easily-understandable symbols help you to recognise straight away the requirements for which there are still tests missing, the requirements for which the tests are not yet completely specified, and the requirements that are not yet implemented error-free in the product.

Confirmation tests are easy to plan: The imbus TestBench immediately delivers all the tests that have to be repeated for a new internal product version because defects or errors have been fixed since the previous test run.

With the integration of requirements, an advanced status and role model, prioritisations, keywords and many further functions, the TestBench soon becomes an indispensable part of professional test planning – throughout the entire process of software development.

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