The imbus TestBench helps you to keep an overview of your testing tasks, even in large, automated test suites. Your regression tests are ready to run and can be evaluated at any time.

Advantages of automation:

  • The test designer does not require any programming knowledge as a result of the separation of the test description from the automation
  • The specialised department can be involved in the creation of test cases
  • Previously existing automation scripts can be used
  • Complexity is reduced through the implementation of individual interactions instead of complete procedures (keyword driven and data driven based on references)
  • Maintenance is made more efficient by modelling the tests in accordance with the interaction method
  • Results can be evaluated quickly
  • Automated testing is also possible beyond the borders of a particular system
  • You make a secure investment by linking your, or any other, test automation tools using iTEP1 technology

1 imbus Test Execution Plugin

Test automation with the TestBench

Explanation of the graphic "Test automation with the TestBench"

1) Test components in the TestBench correspond to the components (procedures) in the library of the test automation tool

2) Tests are put together from reusable test components in the TestBench library (logical description).

3) The planning of the test execution takes place in the TestBench – What should be tested and with which data, etc.

4) The test execution is started in the TestBench: TestBench-iTEP1 generates a “test screenplay” 

5) The wrapper (a script in the test automation tool) fetches the corresponding scripts from the library of the test automation tool in accordance with the guidelines from the “test screenplay” 

6) The scripts are transferred to the test object for test execution

7) PLAN/ACTUAL comparison in the wrapper

8) The results of each individual step are returned using the iTEP1 interface

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