Model-Based Testing (MBT)

IT systems are complex. Graphic models help to control this complexity.

Irrespective of whether you want to use existing models as test base or to create the test scenarios in a desired design and generate different test cases based on different coverage targets: Models help to manage the complexity even while testing. That way, it is possible to reduce test costs and increase test quality at the same time. The approach is especially suitable for test subjects with a sufficient number of process and data variants.

Your benefits:

  • Less expenditure to be put in preparation and management of test cases
  • Increase in quality and reduction of costs due to early defect identification
  • Increase of the test coverage
  • Reduction of complexity and increased transparency due to test visualization
  • Comprehensive and standardized test development
  • Preparation of non-obvious test cases

Let us help you to determine if and when it is suitable to apply this approach to your procedure.


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