Test Execution

The TestBench supports manual and automated testing – on request, it can also be used to support mixed operations and different tools for test automation.

Advantages of the test execution:

  • Easy task allocation using the test manager so you avoid lengthy clarifications during the test execution.
  • A convenient test execution view ensures that a tester can settle in quickly. Here the tester only sees the tests and information that are relevant to him.
  • In the test execution assistant iTORX, the test instructions are clearly presented, step-by-step. This is of great benefit, especially for manual testing.
  • iTORX is a component of the TestBench that can be used online or offline, meaning that it can be deployed without a connection to the TestBench system. You can test anywhere, even if a connection to the TestBench is not possible.
  • Any number of testers can execute tests offline with iTORX. iTORX is included in the TestBench without the need for an additional licence.
  • Errors or defects can be recorded directly in iTORX during the manual test execution.
  • Test results are automatically linked to the test cases of the TestBench, and error/defect messages are synchronised with the external defect management systems.
  • Results of the automation runs can be imported into the TestBench without any difficulty. Manual and automated tests can be administered together and common reports can be generated.
  • Manual tests can be automated at any later stage. It is not necessary to decide right at the beginning about which of the tests should be manually executed and which should be automated.
  • The built-in version administration ensures that tests and test results are reliably documented, from version to version.
  • With the additional option of using electronic signatures, you fulfill even the strictest requirements for documentary evidence.

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