The imbus TestBench is not just a powerful tool for test management, but also it provides extensive functions for the specification of tests and test data.

  • Easy and quick to learn because of the various specification methods. From the simplest form up to professional methods for test description, the TestBench provides every test designer with the right specification methods.
  • Efficient because of the reusable components (test steps and data structures – interaction method as implementation of keyword-driven testing)
  • Rapid addition of further test cases as a result of the separation between abstract test description and specific test data (data-driven testing)
  • Easy to maintain using the interaction method (automatic reconciliation during modification of an interaction or data structure)

The imbus TestBench makes your tests modular, maintainable and easily reusable. Test knowledge can simply be reused – even beyond the scope of a particular project.
This leads to a massive increase in the productivity of your test team.  Not to mention the fact that you will be able to create test specifications that meet the most stringent compliance requirements, including FDA Part 11, the aerospace standard DO-178 B/ED-12 B, Basel II and the directive 84/253/EWG of the European Council (EuroSOX).

Correct data in the proofs can be automatically ensured via the static analyses of the TestBench.


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