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call graph


An abstract representation of calling relationships between subroutines in a program.

Capability Maturity Model Integration


A framework that describes the key elements of an effective product development and maintenance process. The Capability Maturity Model Integration covers best-practices for planning, engineering and managing product development and maintenance. [Reference: CMMI]



The degree to which the maximum limits of a component or system parameter meet requirements. [Reference: After ISO 25010]

capacity testing


1. Testing to evaluate the capacity of a system.

2. type of performance efficiency testing conducted to evaluate the level at which increasing load (of users, transactions, data storage, etc.) compromises a test item’s ability to sustain required performance



A test automation approach in which inputs to the test object are recorded during manual testing to generate automated test scripts that can be executed later.

capture/playback tool


A type of test execution tool where inputs are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that can be executed later (i.e. replayed). These tools are often used to support automated regression testing.