Software Inspections

What can you expect from this course?

Reviews and inspections can be conducted independent of process model, development environment, and programming language; they are therefore a useful tool for the entire software industry. Join Peter Rösler for two days and learn how to plan and lead a review as a moderator, and how to evaluate the results quantitatively and qualitatively.

Goals of participating in Software Inspections

Reviews improve not only SW quality – they also increase the productivity of SW projects, a consideration frequently overlooked. Productivity can be increased by as much as 25 – 35 % if reviews are conducted properly, i.e. if the critical success factors of reviews are taken into account.

Reviews such as these are also referred to as „formal inspections“, „Fagan/Gilb-style inspections“ and „peer reviews“. Since 1975, many organisations have carried them out successfully. The main aim of these reviews is to identify errors in text documents or programs at an early stage. Such reviews are to be distinguished from walk-throughs / presentation reviews, in which the author presents the content of a document, or management reviews / project status reviews, in which decisions are made as to whether and how something should be carried out.

The following contents will be covered

1st Day

  • Introduction to reviews and inspections.
  • Types of review.
  • The phases of a review.
  • Participant roles.
  • 15 critical success factors.
  • Agile software development and agile inspections.
  • Video scenes demonstrating appropriate and inappropriate conduct of reviews.


2nd Day

  • Exercise: conducting a real review
    For this exercise, participants will check a C-program against its specifications, using checklists. (The course material also contains an exercise for reviewing text documents. If preferred, the participants can review the text document instead.)
  • Tools
  • Work aids and forms

Your bonus when attending an open seminar!

In addition to the seminar materials, each participant receives the book ”Reviews in der System- und Softwareentwicklung” by Rösler / Schlich / Kneuper (German language) or, if preferred, “Software Inspection” by Gilb/Graham (English language).

Furthermore, the seminar price includes fifteen hours of online support by the trainer. These can be used by the participants as and when required, for example, if they are to lead their first review as a moderator after the seminar.


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