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211. Testing Intelligence Server  
URL: /en/testbench/modules/testing-intelligence-server
Date: 08-11-21
…„Testing Intelligence“ ist unser leistungsstarkes Management-Informationssystem für Reporting und Datenanalyse im…  
212. Software Testing  
URL: /en/software-testing#c14552
Date: 15-07-21
…Software testing with imbus - your benefit: You will receive systematically conducted tests with resilient,…  
213. FAQ - What procedure is followed for the exam and what is the structure of the exam?  
URL: /en/academy/information/faq#c1023
Date: 12-01-15
… for the Advanced Level it is 180 minutes for the Test Manager and  Test Analyst and 120 minutes for the…  
214. Aufbau_Betrieb_Test_Center.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/Repositories/Imbus/Downloads/Prozessberatung/Aufbau_Betrieb_Test_Center.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
…Aufbau und Betrieb eines Test Centers Strategy Design Transition Geschäftsziele Prozesse Pilotierung Werkzeuge…  
215. imbus mobile TestCenter  
URL: /en/software-testing/mobile-testing/imbus-mobile-testcenter
Date: 08-11-21
Test mobile software applications quickly, efficiently and according to the usual high imbus quality standards in the…  
216. Security Quick Check  
URL: /en/security-test/security-quick-check#c13684
Date: 22-07-19
… Step 5: Penetration Test We recommend penetration testing for systems with critical and sensitive data. These must…  
217. MoReq2_Product_Certificate_Fabasoft_V1.0.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/Repositories/Imbus/Downloads/MoReq2/MoReq2_Product_Certificate_Fabasoft_V1.0.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
… participated in the MoReq2 certification test. The product is compliant with the MoReq2 Core…  
218. Training Courses  
URL: /en/testbench/services/training-courses
Date: 08-11-21
… your employees will learn how to use the imbus TestBench successfully for planning and controlling…  
219. Specificationsmethods - 3. The Deployment of Reusable Text Modules (Interactions)  
URL: /en/testbench/functions/specifying/specificationsmethods#c455
Date: 09-12-14
… centrally in a library, you accelerate the test specification and optimize the maintenance of tests at…  
220. Requirement Management  
URL: /en/testbench/integrations/requirement-management#c591
Date: 09-12-14
…Requirement management systems are connected to the imbus TestBench via an open interface.Requirements from connected…  
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