Exploratory Testing - Webinar

Software explorativ Testen

Exploratory Software Testing

In 45 minutes you will learn how the agile testing method "Exploratory Testing" works fundamentally and how you can apply this technique practically.
In the webinar, you will see how to prepare exploratory testing sessions in a targeted manner, how to carry them out efficiently together with your team and how to evaluate and clearly prepare findings and ideas that are collected in a session.


Course of the Exploratory Testing webinar

The test method "Exploratory Testing" is trained in the webinar on the basis of a realistic case study* using the Exploratory Testing features of TestBench CS. After the webinar, the TestBench tool is available to you for an unlimited period of time and free of charge!

The webinar provides - compactly in 45 minutes - the most important information to be able to apply exploratory testing immediately:

  • What is "Exploratory Testing"?
  • What do the terms mission, charter and session mean?
  • How do I proceed practically, from planning to implementation to debriefing?
  • How and when can I usefully complement structured or automated testing with exploratory testing?

After the webinar, the trainer will be available for further questions and discussion!

The event will be held as a LIVE - webinar with the online tool "GoToMeeting". You dial in via computer audio and see the content of the webinar moderator via screen transmission. The use of a headset is recommended.

* As a test object we use our web-based implementation, the "Virtual Show Room" application, from Basic knowledge of software testing.


  • Internet access, suitable for video transmission
  • Basic knowledge of software testing is helpful

Target Audience

  • Test Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Masters
  • Developers
  • Testers
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