Stefan Müller, Member of the Bundestag at imbus!

On Monday, February 20, 2023, CSU Member of Parliament Stefan Müller stopped by our imbus headquarters in Möhrendorf for a talk.

Stefan Müller, Member of Parliament for Erlangen and Erlangen-Höchstadt in the German Bundestag, was received by imbus Executive Board members Tilo Linz, Matthias Amann and Thomas Roßner. In a short presentation, the current business situation and the imbus research projects sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria were explained. Afterwards, the group discussed politically relevant topics for imbus, in particular the shortage of skilled workers but also sustainability as well as nearshoring and the related visa regulations for citizens of potential EU accession countries.

The interlocutors agree that the exchange of ideas and thoughts between politics and business is important, which is why all those involved were happy to take the time for this two-hour intensive discussion.

imbus would like to thank Mr. Stefan Müller for the visit and the extremely informative exchange!