Donate NOW for the good cause!

The holiday season is classically the high season for donations of all kinds - but help is needed year-round.

Our donation of five laptops including docking stations to the evangelical youth welfare association "Der Puckenhof" e.V. is now intended to help children in the extended lockdown whom support from the schools has not yet reached.

The Puckenhof can be supported in many ways:

  • through donations for the construction of an adventure garden or
  • by financing puppets or props suitable for the stage

The "Tafel für Kinder" initiative is particularly close to our hearts. Because: Despite numerous support measures, it happens again and again that parents have difficulties financing lunch.

In addition to a good education, sufficient and healthy nutrition is important for the positive development of children.

If you would like to donate, you can find out more about the Puckenhof at