Blended Learning at the imbus Academy

Learn when and where I want!


Today we would like to introduce you to an absolute innovation at the imbus Academy.
What was previously done in the virtual classroom or in presence is now also offered by us as a new blended learning format.

Blended learning is a form of learning in which independent learning and online sessions are optimally combined.

In concrete terms, this means that on the one hand you are free to choose when you learn during the week, and on the other hand you benefit from regular online meetings with your learning team and a trainer. In addition, the trainers are available to answer your questions.

So if you like to learn on your own responsibility and at your own pace, and at the same time don't want to do without the support of experts, this format is perfect for you.

At a glance: blended learning offers these advantages

  • Time- and location-independent learning
  • Interaction with other participants
  • Regular knowledge tests
  • Learning support from experts
  • Inclusive exam preparation

All information and FAQ's can be found here.

As you are used to, you can register for a blended learning course via our website.

The first course starts on May 2. - Secure your place now and recommend us to your colleagues!

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