TestKwonDo - Automated system tests

All essential aspects implemented in the team!


For good quality you need a comprehensive system test.
For an extensive system test you need automation.

But how does a good automation of a system test work?
Is a capture-replay tool sufficient?
Do you need to be able to program for it?

The best way to learn something is to do it yourself!

Therefore we automate a simple test case for system testing in this TestKwonDo!

Training Plan

You will complete this training on one day in three consecutive training units.

Training unit 1 (2 x 90 minutes):
Our test object is a classic example of automated system testing: a browser-based online app. For this app you will create your first automated system test in a team. To do this, you use freely available tools and work with them on your own computer. Your trainer will support you and give you food for thought.

The result of your first TestKwonDo unit is your self-created executable automated system test

Training unit 2:
Now it is time to apply! Repeat what you have learned together in the context of your homework: Automate another test yourself in the week until the 3rd training unit - and maybe one more?

Training unit 3 (2 x 90 minutes):
One week later you will meet your training group again online - and then everyone can present their test case! With your team and your trainer you discuss the solutions you have chosen for the homework and what a good solution for the task looks like. In the end you will know what makes a well automated test case.


Our TestKwonDo thrives on the fact that you develop solutions jointly in the group. That's why you use freely available tools that allow everyone to participate.

However, the focus of the course is not that of a tool training, but rather on practicing the core techniques that are important for automating system tests - and these are completely tool-independent!

We have deliberately chosen the metaphor of an engaging sport for this format. With the presented powerful (hand) techniques (Kwon) you will find your way (Do) to master your challenges in intensive exercise units!


A manual with the essential aspects for creating automated system tests!!


Basic knowledge about system testing. User knowledge on the computer, experience with the installation of test tools

Programming knowledge is not necessary

Target Audience

  • Test Automatization
  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Tool Managers
  • Test Managers
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