ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CT-FL) - Blended Learning

Blended Learning at imbus: the best of both worlds – in tried and tested imbus quality!

What can you expect from this training?

This essential course covers all the core topics of methodical software testing that are immediately applicable across all industries. It is the ideal preparation to join the world's largest community of certified software testers.

Your advantages of Blended Learning

Module-based online learning units in your imbus Digital Learning Environment, accompanied by regular workshops in the virtual classroom (VC).

Independent of time and location With imbus Digital Learning, you bring the knowledge you need for your certification to your devices in many well-designed learning units, and for the duration of your course, you learn at your own pace, when and where you want. You can work through the topics in your course in the suggested order, pause, skip, and repeat as often as you like. You can keep track of your progress at all times, because imbus Digital Learning shows you which topics you have already completed and guides you to the topics that are still open. All you need is access to the Internet.
imbus trainers and authors – experts at your side The imbus team of trainers and authors have packed their in-depth expertise and enthusiasm into this exciting course format and look forward to accompanying you on your 4-week learning journey in the workshops and through individual contact opportunities.
Consolidate and review knowledge in your group You will find many opportunities in the imbus Digital Learning environment to actively consolidate the knowledge you are building up in exercises and to have fun testing it in quizzes. We also provide you with valuable tips for efficient learning and for successful participation in the certification exam.
Learn as a team At the beginning of your course, you will meet your trainer and other members of your peer group for an online kick-off. And because the best way to learn is in a community, you will all meet again once a week in Virtual Classroom Workshops to discuss open questions, review exercises, recap what you have learned, and, if you are pursuing certification, continue to prepare for the exam.
Stay on the best track to get certified

Experts from the imbus training team prepare you specifically for the exams with sample tests. In addition, imbus Digital Learning offers you the opportunity to take a sample exam at your own pace.

You can book the certification exam when you order the course and conveniently take it online after you have completed your blended learning course. You yourself determine the day and time of the exam, because upon receipt of your booking you will also receive a voucher code with which you can then specify your personal date for your exam with a few days' notice and thus reserve your examiner.

You can find the current detailed description of the technical requirements and the software used for an online exam here.

Your time requirements A particular advantage of this format is that you can decide how much time you want to invest each day during your 4-week course. Our course is designed for an average time commitment of about 8 hours per week for independent study and about 3.5 hours per week for the Virtual Classroom workshops. But even after you complete the course, we want to give you the opportunity to work intensively with the content, because repetition is one of the most effective learning strategies. That's why we give you full access to the entire learning environment for this course for another four weeks after you complete it!

When is this format for you?

Blended learning fits you if you:

  • want to decide for yourself when and where you wish to learn.
  • like to work through self-organized learning units at your own pace during the course.
  • want to determine your learning time independently.
  • can invest about 8 hours per week to complete the learning units on your own.
  • can spare about 3.5 hours per week for the Virtual Classroom Workshops.
  • are able and willing to hang in there! The blended learning format calls for self-initiative in order to be completed successfully.

Goals of participating in ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level in the Blended Learning Format

In this seminar you will receive a comprehensive overview of tasks, methods and techniques in software testing. You will understand all steps of the software testing processes, from test planning through specification up to execution and logging.

You will receive a detailed and structured compilation of the essential terminology of testing and the relevant international norms and standards. You will be able to successfully apply your newly acquired techniques such as equivalence partitioning analysis at the module, integration or system test level.

You will have practiced creating concise defect reports; you will know how to successfully complete the error management process up to designing an efficient re-test.

You will learn which test tools can support your work and what must be kept in mind, when selecting and introducing these tools.

This seminar promotes the contents of the ISTQB® syllabus and is accredited by the German Testing Board. You will be ideally prepared for participating in the examination for the acquisition of the “ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level” certificate.

According to the ISTQB® Certified Tester standard the following contents will be covered

  • Fundamentals of Testing
  • The Test Process (Test Planning, Test Analysis, Test Design, Test Implementation, Test Execution, Test Monitoring, Test Completion)
  • Test Techniques
    • Static Testing (Static Analysis, Review)
    • Black-box Test Techniques (Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, State Transition Testing, Use Case Testing)
    • White-box Test Techniques
    • Experience-based Test Techniques
  • Planning, Prioritizing and Controlling Test
  • Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (Models, Test Levels, Test Types)
  • Test Management (Test Organization, Test Planning and Estimation, Test Monitoring and Control, Risks and Testing)
  • Tool Support for Testing

Prerequisites for participating in the course

Basic software development knowledge is desirable, but not necessarily required.

Target Audience

  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Professional Tester
  • Test Analysts
  • Test Managers
  • Project Managers
  • QM/QA Staff
  • Managers
  • Persons wanting to be certified

Dates and locations

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    • kick-off:

      09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • virtual classroom workshop:

      09:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • virtual classroom workshop:

      09:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • virtual classroom workshop:

      09:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • closing:

      09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

4 weeks

Blended Learning



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