IREB® CPRE Advanced Level - Requirements Management

What can you expect from this course?

You enable yourself to develop and supervise the handling of requirements either for specific development projects or in general and thus in the long term exploit the full benefits of requirements engineering.

Goals of participating in IREB® CPRE Advanced Level - Requirements Management

As a requirements manager, you know how to define and maintain role-based procedures with requirements in your work area and develop a requirements information model with all its features and traceability aspects.

Using variant management, you create the basis for the reuse of requirements in the company within the framework of product line development.

Through lecture and practical exercises, you have familiarized yourself in with the contents of the syllabus for the IREB "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Advanced Level" in the module "Requirements Management" and you have prepared yourself for the certification examination.

The following contents will be covered

  • Requirements Management versus Requirements Engineering
  • Different approaches to requirements engineering
    • upfront / iterative
    • heavyweight / lightweight
  • Developing a Requirement Information Model
    • levels, artefacts, documentation forms
    • Views, requirement properties
  • Traceability of requirements
    • Motivation, relationship types, representation forms and strategy
  • Prioritise, evaluate and version requirements (change management)
  • Variant management for requirements
    • Implicit / explicit documentation forms, feature modelling
  • Reporting in requirements management
  • Requirements management in agile projects
  • Use of tools in requirements management


Prerequisites for participating in the course

The course seamlessly builds on the terminology, techniques and methods of requirements engineering and management as taught in the "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering" Foundation Level of the IREB. To take the exam for the Advanced Level certificate, you need to hold this Foundation Level certificate.

Your options to take the certification exam

You can book the training with or without an exam. During the Corona pandemic, the IREB exams are conducted under the supervision of our certification partner Certible ONLINE. You can find more information about the IREB online exam HERE on the Certible page.

A few days before the training, we will send you a voucher code with which you can register on the Certible site and choose a desired date for the online exam. Since according to IREB no study material may be used during the exam, the participants are observed by one of the Certible examiners via web cam. Participants will find out immediately after completing the exam whether they have passed.

Duration of the exam: 75 minutes.

For the Advanced Level, in addition to the exam a term paper has to be submitted.

Target Audience

  • Requirements Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • QM/QA Staff
  • System Architects
  • Persons eliciting requirements
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Mrs. Katrin Krauss