Use the time at home now - become a Speaker@Software QS-Day

Moehrendorf 31.03.2020 – The Call for Papers for the Software QS-Day on November 25/26, 2020 in Frankfurt a.M. is now open until April 30, 2020.

The main theme for 2020, "Scaling Across Multiple Dimensions", will show one thing above all: With the universal penetration of software in all areas of life, the requirements for flexibility and scalability in all disciplines of software development are increasing.

Software is used in the smallest embedded devices as well as in gigantic data centers. Some systems are developed, adapted and operated in extremely short periods of time, some over decades. There is software for a wide range of users and software for very special applications with few users. Development teams may comprise thousands of people or consist of just one.

For quality assurance and software testing, these many different levels and dimensions pose extreme challenges for organization, technology and management.

On Software QS-Day 2020, strategies, techniques, tools and best practices for testing and quality assurance will be presented and discussed - for software from XXS to XXL.

Your audience will consist of proven experts from the industry, such as test managers, IT managers, Scrum Masters, etc.

Join in now and actively contribute to the largest and leading conference in Germany on the subject of software quality and testing with your own contribution.

All you need to know and the submission form for your abstract can be found on the event website