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The digitalization of products and services has accelerated once again. The dependency on smoothly functioning software has increased dramatically. Working in virtual teams and home offices, with new collaboration tools every day has forced us to question and adapt our ways of working.

All these points influence and change what we understand by "software quality", which quality criteria are relevant and how we therefore have to proceed in software testing and software quality assurance in practice.

The topic "Reinventing Quality" covers a wide range of content:

  • Processes area: How is the cooperation of all parties involved designed via remote? What new requirements, procedures or tasks arise?
  • Products area: To what extent have customer wishes and requirements or the products themselves changed in recent years? What impact has this had on the projects?
  • People area: What impact has the increase in joint remote work had on software quality? Have projects suffered or gained as a result? How and where has employee satisfaction improved or worsened?
  • Special Topic area: advanced techniques for test automation, aspects of testing cyber-physical and embedded systems, cyber-security, test data anonymization, new regulations in IT law, and other technology-specific topics.

Software QS-Tag 2022 presents and discusses strategies, techniques, tools and best practices around "Reinventing Quality", taking software quality to the next level. The conference will take place on 05 and 06 October in Frankfurt am Main.

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