Software QA Cast instead of Software QA Day

Möhrendorf, 10.09.2020 - The Software QA Day attendance conference will not take place as planned on November 25 and 26, 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

We care deeply about the health and safety of everyone who would have loved to be there - so it is with a heavy heart that we will pause the event for the first time in 28 years.

And in the meantime? Let's use the break as THE opportunity to try something brand new for the Software QA Day community: our "Software QA Cast" webcast series.

This is where the Software-QS-TAG community webcasts!

We have the current and challenging top topics of the QA industry - just typical Software-QS-Tag.  And we don't want to have to wait until the next face-to-face event to share them with you. That's why we're now offering the full package of software QA in a webcast series. But not as an hour-long screen marathon (yes, we have a lot of interesting content), but compactly in short but intensive sessions. To be there live or to download in a relaxed way.

The first part of our webcast series starts on October 15th, 2020 with the focus on "Testing and Agile".
Click here for the content and to register.

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