Robot Framework Online Conference

Robot Framework (RFW) is a generic open source framework for test automation and Robotic Process Automation.

It uses the approach of "keyword-driven testing" and can automate any test objects using external libraries.

The German-language Robot Framework Online Conference, organized by imbus for the first time, offered more than 100 participants - from newcomers to RFW professionals - the opportunity for an exciting professional exchange and dialog.

There were four presentations in total:  

  • News From Robot Framework / Roadmap (Pekka Klärck)
  • Playwright / Robot Framework Browser Library (Mikko Korpela)
  • Test Automation with Kubernetes (Nils Balkow-Tychsen)
  • Debugging Robot Framework (René Rohner)

Afterwards, the participants could join one of the workgroups listed below and intensively discuss the offered special topic:

  • Web Automation with Robot Framework (Christoph Singer, imbus AG)
  • Robot Framework Core (Andrej Nod, imbus Rheinland GmbH)
  • Robot Framework APIs (René Rohner, imbus AG)
  • Keyword-Driven Test Management (Frank Blechschmidt, imbus Rhein-Main GmbH)
  • Security Testing with Robot Framework (Tobias Esser, imbus AG)

After the online conference, we received extraordinarily positive feedback: "The agenda of the 1st "Robot Framework Online Conference" was promising and the participants were not disappointed on July 30. Summary of an informative and exciting afternoon." writes Simon Meggle in his blog. And further in the conclusion: "It is definitely worthwhile to keep an eye on such online events. Of course, there's nothing like a Robocon in Helsinki (and Finnish beer), for example - but special times call for special measures, and Imbus chose them very well."

Sorry you couldn't attend this year's Robot Framework Online conference? Then you can watch the recordings of the presentations in our downloadb area. In addition, we will continue to plan more Robot Framework Online conferences in the future. If you definitely don't want to miss this, sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date.

If you have any questions about this topic please feel free to contact us: testautomatisierung(at)