More space for the TestCenter

Möhrendorf 27.05.2019 – With the expansion of the main location of imbus AG Möhrendorf near Erlangen, 40 new jobs were created. Above all, the TestCenter benefits from the expansion.

The TestCenter project teams implement the outsourcing of software tests for imbus customers. Of more than 350 software specialists at imbus, around 45 work in the TestCenter. These test 100% tool-supported in an instance of the imbus TestBench, which allows our project partners to call up all information on demand. Test cases, results, test status of all requirements to be covered and the cost information are available. All test experts are trained according to the Certified Tester Standard and are available to our partners as personal contacts with comprehensive test experience and expertise.

A current example is the automation of end-to-end test cases. The test object was a complex web application for the administration of IoT devices with worldwide access by several thousand users of the customer, which used different apps with partly different technologies. The TestCenter used Selenium as the executing test machine, Protractor and Jasmine made it possible to create the automated test cases. The control was carried out via a continuous integration pipeline from Gitlab. The project was managed at the TestCenter in Möhrendorf in cooperation with the imbus locations in Peja/Kosovo and Chengdu/China.

You can find more information about Testoutsourcing click here.