Listen now: new expert podcast on software testing

We are pleased to be a community partner of the "Software Testing" podcast!

The podcast is exciting for all developers, testers and project managers who want actionable tips and hacks for more software quality in their projects.

Experts from various disciplines of software development share their experiences with you and provide you with current tips and trends to significantly increase the quality in your software projects.
The questions addressed include:

  • Which tests are useful and sufficient?
  • When is the use of test automation worthwhile?
  • What do good integration tests look like?
  • Testing everything is not possible: How much quality is enough?

The first episodes will cover topics like testing in agile projects, Selenium, BDD and testing with AI!

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.

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Topics and guests wanted!

This podcast lives from the topics that interest you! Help to shape it!

  • What challenges do you have in the area of software testing and quality?
  • What tools, services and methods are you interested in?
  • Who do you know that has an exciting topic and should definitely be on the podcast?
  • Or do you yourself feel like talking about a topic, a tool or a success in the podcast?

Here you can submit your topic suggestions.