Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 21.04.2021: CO2-neutral driving - imbus supports partner Tramling in green campaign ...

The earth needs our protection! But where do you start? How do you really make a difference?

Every step counts, which is why we have been focusing on sustainability and environmental protection in the day-to-day business of imbus AG for some time now.

We make our own contribution to climate protection by consistently reducing our ecological footprint. Within the framework of the "green imbus" initiative, we are pursuing the goal of further significantly reducing both the energy requirement and the resource consumption and CO2 production of the company. We also promote the issue of sustainability by supporting other projects and companies. For example, we recently realized the creation of the imbus company forest. By planting 5,000 trees on an area of three hectares in the north of Nicaragua, we are actively participating in climate protection.

Our partner Tramling is also contributing to CO2 reduction with its "Gemeinsam-ans-Ziel" initiative - and we are supporting it!

With its app, Tramling offers the possibility to neutralize the CO2 emitted by car journeys. This is done, on the one hand, by buying and setting aside EU emission rights and, on the other hand, by specifically supporting regional projects in Germany. The start-up wants to neutralize 1,000,000 kilometers together with all of us.

You can find more information about this campaign and how you can also make your contribution and support Tramling here.

Together we can protect our earth!