Continuous Testing - laying the foundation with test automation

imbus presents methods and tools at the "Trends in Testing 2019"

Möhrendorf, 04.04.19 - This year's "Trends in Testing" lectures were opened with loud construction noise.

Equipped with helmet and safety vest, the imbus software test experts presented how automated software tests are professionally planned, built and used.

The construction site metaphor illustrated that software development often resembles a construction project. "In many cases, software projects fail because an architecture is chosen that does not allow for extensions," explained Jürgen Unterreitmayer, head of the imbus branch in Munich. The test procedure followed in the project must also be scalable.

Continuous Testing is the idea that automated tests should be available in the project that enable fully automated testing of the existing software at any time.
"Throughout my entire development chain, I want to know at every point what the quality of the software is and what I can do to improve it," explained Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, Head of Software Testing Consulting.

The more than 500 participants at the six locations of the roadshow were entertained about how this is achieved. The introduction first explained the terms and techniques "Continuous Integration", "Continuous Deployment" and "DevOps".

The theory was followed by practical experience: here, using the Robot Framework as an example, it was demonstrated how modular and scalable test automation can be implemented in practice.
But also the provision of the necessary test environment can be automated using different container solutions.

The final presentation then went one step further: under the keyword "Shift-Left", it was explained and demonstrated how IT security tests can also be automated in order to integrate them into continuous testing right from the start. In this way, security gaps in the software can be detected and eliminated at an early stage with automated test runs.

The "Trends in Testing" stopped off in Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt in March 2019. In addition to the presentations, "Meet-the-Experts" rounds were part of the fixed program, in which the participants were able to discuss their individual requirements with the experienced imbus specialists.

The presentation slides and video recordings have been available free of charge to the participants of "Trends in Testing 2019" since the beginning of April in the download area at .
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