An exciting afternoon under the sign of the stars!

Last week we experienced a very special event at the planetarium in Nuremberg: 'Reaching for the stars'. The occasion? The reorganization of our teams in Möhrendorf into unique groupings, each of them named after shining stars in the sky.

The reorganization, which was completed last year, deserved a fitting celebration. We therefore embarked on an exciting bus journey to the planetarium in Nuremberg, where a warm welcome awaited us.

In the impressive domed hall of the planetarium, Mr. Jürgen Sadurski welcomed us and took us into the fascinating world of the stars and the current starry sky. The old historic Zeiss projector was even brought to life, a functioning work of art that can no longer be found in any other German planetarium and is the centerpiece of the planetarium.

After a presentation by office managers Thomas Rumi and Rolf Glunz, accompanied by epic Star Wars music, we were given an insight into our six new stars: Vega, Antares, Polaris, Capella, Sirius and Solaris.

These impressive impressions were followed by delicious catering in the foyer of the planetarium. We took the opportunity to catch up with each other before heading back to Möhrendorf.

All in all, it was an exceptionally successful event that took us into the world of the stars and gave us a memorable afternoon.