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61. Test Completion  
URL: /en/testbench/functions/test-completion
Date: 08-11-22
…All test data from the entire project duration is stored in the imbus TestBench. The built-in version management…  
62. Test Management  
URL: /en/software-testing/test-management#c18691
Date: 02-06-23
…Book recommendation: Praxiswissen Softwaretest - Testmanagement In this book, Praxiswissen Softwaretest…  
63. Test Automation  
URL: /en/testbench/functions/test-automation
Date: 08-11-22
…The imbus TestBench provides an overview even in large automated test suites. The regression tests can be safely run…  
64. Variant test in detail  
URL: /en/testbench/variant-test/variant-test-in-detail#c6113
Date: 29-01-20
… In the course of the variants management, the test object version will be marked as so-called base text object…  
65. Variant test in detail  
URL: /en/testbench/variant-test/variant-test-in-detail#c6127
Date: 15-01-20
… can be used in the specification of the base test object version. For each variant in the base test  
66. Variant Test  
URL: /en/testbench/variant-test#c5882
Date: 21-07-19
…Tool support for the test of systems with many variants If you have to test software products, which exist in…  
67. Latest Versions of TestBench Enterprise - Replace Test Steps  
URL: /en/testbench/latest-versions-testbench-enterprise#c15315
Date: 02-12-20
…Replace Test Steps Test steps in test sequences can be replaced using drag & drop or the context menue. This also…  
68. Test Automation  
URL: /en/testbench/integrations/test-automation#c599
Date: 09-12-14
Test automation tools can be connected easily to the imbus TestBench via the iTEP plug-in.The following test  
69. Variant test in detail  
URL: /en/testbench/variant-test/variant-test-in-detail#c6123
Date: 29-01-20
… represent each derivation rules for a concrete test specification. The variants in the TestBench…  
70. SAP Testing Services - How does RoboSAPiens connect the SAP test world?  
URL: /en/software-testing/sap-testing-services#c18789
Date: 26-06-23
…How does RoboSAPiens connect the SAP test world?  Automated test cases for SAP and non-SAP applications with…  
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