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161. Our Trainers  
URL: /en/academy/why-imbus-academy/our-trainers#c3237
Date: 15-11-19
… of imbus Shanghai, co-founder of the Chinese Testing Board, author of test books, as well as senior…  
162. Data-driven Testing  
URL: /en/testbench/functions/specifying/specificationsmethods/data-driven-testing
Date: 08-11-21
…Separation between abstract test description and concrete test data.  
163. Data-driven Testing  
URL: /en/testbench/functions/specifying/specificationsmethods/data-driven-testing#c3489
Date: 16-01-15
…Separation between abstract and concrete test data test descriptionBecause of the separation of abstract test  
164. Testing Intelligence Server  
URL: /en/testbench/modules/testing-intelligence-server#c656
Date: 04-08-16
…ata-Warehouse: Collection and preparation of all relevant test management data in a separate data warehouse. Even the…  
165. Testing Intelligence Server - Benchmarking:  
URL: /en/testbench/modules/testing-intelligence-server#c660
Date: 29-01-20
…Benchmarking: Testing Intelligence transfers the TestBench data to the data warehouse fully automatically every day.…  
166. Our Trainers  
URL: /en/academy/why-imbus-academy/our-trainers#c9651
Date: 15-11-19
… René Rohner Consultant for software testing, trainer and author of trainings for the test management tool imbus…  
167. Specifying  
URL: /en/testbench/functions/specifying
Date: 08-11-21
…The imbus TestBench is not only a powerful tool for test management, but also offers comprehensive functions for…  
168. Our Trainers  
URL: /en/academy/why-imbus-academy/our-trainers#c9594
Date: 15-11-19
… Xiaohong Xiong CEO imbus Shanghai, leading the test lab in Beijing, many years of experience as tester and test  
169. Poster-ISO29119_EN.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/user_upload/Poster-ISO29119_EN.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
…ISO 29119 – Test Processes at a Glance Organizational Test Processes Legend: This presentation is limited to the…  
170. Software Testing  
URL: /en/software-testing#c14550
Date: 20-05-20
… is at home throughout the IT world. Whatever your test object looks like, we help you to master your test  
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