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1. Medical Devices - Medical software FDA and MPG compliant  
URL: /en/software-quality/software-standards-compliance/medical-devices#c886
Date: 04-11-20
Medical software FDA and MPG compliant For many years now, imbus has been supporting noted clients in the field of…  
2. Medical Devices  
URL: /en/software-quality/software-standards-compliance/medical-devices
Date: 18-03-21
… well-known customers in the healthcare and medical technology environment in achieving their quality…  
3. Medizintechnik_engl.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/Repositories/Imbus/Downloads/imbus_Allgemein/Presse/Medizintechnik_engl.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
… a Radiology Information System (RIS) for a global medical technology company taking into consideration…  
4. Mobile Testing  
URL: /en/software-testing/mobile-testing#c9765
Date: 21-07-19
… safety-critical equipment systems, for example in medical engineering. The demands on intuitive usability…  
5. Partners  
URL: /en/company/partners#c3424
Date: 22-01-15
…imbus is a member of the top cluster group for healthcare “Medical Valley EMN (European Metropolitan Region…  
6. AI-based decision systems - Testing and validating AI-based software systems  
URL: /en/company/research/ai-based-decision-systems#c15386
Date: 07-12-20
… rates AI-based on the basis of individual risks, medical AI software supports medical diagnosis, e.g.…  
7. Liability Disclaimer - Pictorial material and Sources:  
URL: /en/liability-disclaimer#c12209
Date: 09-05-18
… References: fotolia©Taras LivyyHealthcare and Medical Devices: fotolia©Franz Pfluegl fotolia©beerkoff…  
8. Healthcare_medical_devices.pdf  
URL: /fileadmin/Repositories/Imbus/Downloads/Prozessberatung/Healthcare_medical_devices.pdf
Date: 18-04-19
…Healthcare und Medical Devices V&V Projektunterstützung: imbus erledigt für Sie - als unabhängiger Dritter - alle…  
9. Mobile Testing  
URL: /en/software-testing/mobile-testing
Date: 15-07-21
… IT to safety-critical devices systems, eg in medical technology. imbus helps you to master challenges…  
10. TestCenter  
URL: /en/software-testing/testcentre#c3471
Date: 16-01-15
… industry-specific regulations (eg FDA in medical technology) is of course observed at all times.  
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