Theory meets practice. The initial practice day provides an immediate opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during a training course – under our supervision.
Your employees apply what they have learnt in the training course to their own project situations. An experienced coach is on hand to provide instruction and support, so that solutions can be developed for specific issues arising from the participant’s own project work.

Our initial practice days provide the following benefits:

  • Practical application: The training units relevant to your project are practically applied to the context of your own project. The learning effect is intensified and the investment in training is assured of success.
  • Going in depth: During the practice day, there is the chance to take an in depth look at particular aspects previously covered in the training course. How can or must the new technology be adapted to the project environment? Where does the new technology have to be integrated into the existing approach model? The coach helps to find solutions for these implementation questions.
  • Small groups: For each training course you booked, we provide a one-day event with up to four participants.
  • Selectable location: You chose the location for your practice day – at your company or at imbus.
  • Confidentiality: As participation is company specific, the course participants have the opportunity to speak freely about the details of their projects and processes.

Our recommendation for preparation:

Your initial practice day should take place within a period of time not more than four weeks after the date of the training course, so that the connection with the contents of the training units is not lost.
Having booked your practice day at the latest two weeks after successful participation in a training course, you will directly receive a questionnaire, in which you can select and specify your preferred topics for the practice day. Our coach will then arrange a suitable appointment with your employees, and will determine which documents, data, and infrastructure should be available on this day.