TestKwonDo - Logging test automation

All key aspects implemented in a team!


Logging is a key factor in test automation.

Why? - Because nobody was there!

When test cases run automatically, there is not - as in manual testing - a tester who observes the test. All follow-up work and analysis on automated test cases is based on logging during their execution.

Which information is important?
How must data be prepared?
How can logging benefit from tools?

The best way to learn something is to do it yourself!

That is why in this TestKwonDo we create the logging for an automated test!

Training Plan

You will complete this training on one day in two units.

Training unit 1 (2 x 90 minutes):
First you will prepare the arena: You will work out what information you need for good logging so that your test runs are comprehensible, verifiable, traceable and reproducible.
For implementation, we will discuss the kind of tool support we need to record the required information - and use this for our teamwork to design a logging architecture!

Training unit 2 (2 x 90 minutes):
Now it is time for implementation: After having worked out a plan for the logging, you will set up the test logging with freely available tools. You will work on your own computer but as a team. Your trainer will support you and give you food for thought.

Thus, this TestKwonDo's result is a high-quality logging architecture that you have created yourself!


Our TestKwonDo thrives on the fact that you develop solutions jointly in the group. That's why you use freely available tools that allow everyone to participate.

However, the focus of the course is not that of a tool training, but rather on practicing the core techniques that are important for creating a logging architecture - and these are completely tool-independent!

We have deliberately chosen the metaphor of an engaging sport for this format. With the presented powerful (hand) techniques (Kwon) you will find your way (Do) to master your challenges in intensive exercise units!


A handbook with a map of a generic logging architecture as well as a list of essential aspects for creating a good logging for a test automation!


Experience with test automation and with the installation of test tools.

target groups

  • Test Automatization
  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Tool Managers
  • Test Managers
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