IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level - E-Learning

What can you expect from this course?

You are familiar with the terminology of requirements engineering and management and can apply the basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering. This e-learning course is the ideal preparation for the IREB certification exam and was developed by leading experts in requirements management and engineering.

Goals of participating in IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level

The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V. has set itself the goal of providing a certification model with curricula and examinations and thus promoting the standardisation of education and training in requirements engineering. More than 56,000 certifications in 86 countries since 2007 for the CPRE-FL "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level" show that this certificate is of significant importance for the qualification of professional requirements engineers.
As a Platinum Partner of the IREB, HOOD has been offering training services for the certification programme since the start of the certification programme. After each training HOOD can organise the certification for you. The costs incurred by the certification examination are not included in the HOOD participant fee for the training.

The following contents will be covered

Participants will be trained according to syllabus 3.0 on the IREB CPRE-FL.
Detailed learning objectives / agenda:

  • EU1 Introduction
  • EU2 Basic principles
  • EU3 Documentation practices and work products
  • EU4 Determining requirements
  • EU5 Process and workflow
  • EU6 Requirements management
  • EU7 Tools

Your bonus when booking this e-learning course

  • This training course is available in German and English
  • The participants can access the training content at any time within a period of 3 months. Thus, you can decide for yourself which topic you would like to work through, when, how often and for how long. The e-learning training is designed to be multimedia-based and interactive, so that optimal communication of the learning content is guaranteed.

About the e-learning format

Efficient preparation for the "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) - Foundation Level"

  • Worldwide recognised qualification
  • Training on all basic topics of requirements management & engineering according to the current syllabus 3.0 of the International Requirements Engineering Boards e.V.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Participants save travel time and travel expenses
  • Participants decide for themselves what they want to learn, when, how often and for how long

Available worldwide:

  • Online access to training content possible with any PC with internet access
  • Simple intuitive operation, no complex installation

Optimal learning efficiency:

  • Multimedia content (video/audio) conveys knowledge optimally
  • Test questions prepare participants specifically for the certification exam
  • Certification examination worldwide at any recognised certification company
  • Direct online registration possible. Find more info here:


  • Each participant receives a personalised licence limited to 3 months for the use of the e-learning course content
  • Should a participant fail the certification exam, they will continue to receive access to the training for one month, with appropriate proof.
  • Discounted company conditions for the purchase of licence packages are available on request
  • For "purchase on account", access will only be activated once the money has been received

E-learning packages

  • E-Learning
  • E-Learning + 4x tutoring with extra charge
  • E-Learning for companies price on request

Your options to take the certification exam

You can book the training with or without an exam.
During the Corona period, the IREB exams are conducted ONLINE under the supervision of our certification partner Certible. More information on the IREB Online exam can be found HERE on the Certible page.
A few days before the training, you will receive a voucher code from us, with which you can register on the Certible site and choose a desired date for the online exam. As according to IREB no study material may be used during the exam, the participants are observed by one of the Certible examiners via web cam. Participants will find out immediately after completing the exam whether they have passed.
Duration of the exam: 75 minutes

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Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Quality Manager
  • System Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Requirements Managers
  • Developers
  • System Engineers
  • Marketing/Sales Staff
  • Testers
  • Persons eliciting requirements
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