Higher SW-Quality - Webinar

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How do I improve my software quality?

In most software quality projects, you often don't know where to start in view of the numerous tasks. We want to help you bring structure to your planning and, as experts, provide answers to the questions that cause you headaches when it comes to software quality.

imbus has specialized in software testing and quality assurance of complex systems for more than 25 years. With this experience, we take the problem by the scruff of the neck, namely directly at the test procedure and the test strategy of your software. By analyzing your test cases, test coverage, defects and their effects on the software (e.g. with the ODC® method), we can quickly uncover the problems in your software and thus help to increase quality.

In the webinar, we explain why software quality is relevant for every company and how you can find out where your weak points are. Better software quality always leads to lower costs and smoother processes in your company - benefits you shouldn't do without. To give you concrete ToDo's, we explain in 6 steps how you can approach the project "Higher Softwarequality".


The Webinar takes place from 10:00 bis 11:00. The webinar will be held in either German or English. Please find the language in the overview (see above).

Compactly presented you will receive the most important facts:

  • Crux of the Matter                 – It’s all about money!
  • Look Down the Drain            – Where does your effort trickle away?
  • Mind the Gap                         – Which steps will help?
  • 2 Packages to Success           – How imbus Analysis Packages help to save up to 45%


  • Q&A and Discussion

This event will be a LIVE - Webinar using the Online-Tool "GoTo Meeting" on your computer/tablet/smartphone.. You can choose the audio channel and get the presentation on your screen. The moderator will handle all requests during the session and answer upcoming questions.

Target Audience

  • Product Managers
  • Stakeholder of software products
  • Quality Manager
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Mrs. Katrin Krauss