ASQF® - Certified Professional for Project Management (CPPM)

Project management for the entire team in state-of-the-art project environments

  • Standard seminar

    4 days

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Your Benefit

Your team learns to recognize and combine the key success factors of modern project management.


  • Overview and introduction
  • Project organization
  • Process and procedure models in software development
  • Project initiation, planning, implementation and controlling
  • Project acceptance and completion
  • Quality assurance and risk management
  • Personnel management
  • Maturity models


The course aims to impart the basics of project management to every project member and to enable them to take responsibility for the project, the team and the organisation, contributing significantly to the contentual and economic success.

  • Success factor: human beings

Decentralized work organization, agile procedures, the increasing size of projects and the reduction of hierarchies in the organizations lead to a redistribution of responsibility from top to bottom.
In this way, each team member also contributes to project management. This course sensitizes the participants and imparts the necessary skills.

  • Success factor: competence

In modern project management, many different components and stakeholders work together at the different levels of the project. The course shows the participants this complexity and highlights essential interrelationships. They learn concrete rules for cooperation and receive best practices for dealing with difficulties. Contemporary team management is explained as well as essential aspects of social competence. Both agile approaches and classical process models are considered and their most important characteristics and preferred areas of application are compared.

  • Success factor: certification

Uniformity in language use and methodology avoids misunderstandings and prevents errors and losses. The course takes up standards and current international norms and uses unified terminology and proven methods.
The Certified Professional for Project Management can be completed with a certification examination by an independent certification body.


Experience in project work and software development is desirable.

target groups

  • All team members with responsibilities in IT projects
  • Members of agile Teams
  • Persons wanting to be certified
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