Linking imbus TestBench and RapidRep Test Suite

The RapidRep Test Suite is the software suite for test automation for the back end. A specially developed testing adapter provides the functionality of the RapidRep Test Suite within TestBench.


Test cases are managed in TestBench and organized for test procedures. The automated execution and evaluation of tests of back-end test objects, such as data management, data processing, batch processes and web services, then takes place after transferring the required parameters using iTEP Report in the RapidRep Testing Adapter. This activates the RapidRep Testing CLI, which automatically performs test runs and returns the results together with comprehensive details in an Excel workbook. This results report is stored in the file system and can then be imported back into TestBench. TestBench therefore knows the results of the test automation and can manage and use these for reporting.

Advantages of the RapidRep interface

  • Performs and evaluates tests for back-end test objects efficiently and effectively
  • Integrates test automation with RapidRep seamlessly into the overall process controlled by TestBench
  • Highly transparent and replicable test automation
  • Comprehensible, automated test evaluation with detailed log files and Excel workbooks

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