Möhrendorf 06.04.2020 - Easter is just around the corner and imbus has a full Easter nest ready for you:

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Möhrendorf 06.04.2020 – Just in time for April 01, 2020, the imbus "JumpStart" career starter program has been launched.

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Möhrendorf 02.04.2020 – Spontaneity, speed and the courage to break new ground are now in demand in the home office - also in personal training.

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Jugend Forscht 2020

Jugend Forscht 2020 launched with regional competitors

Stop by the TU Munich and get all the information you need about a relaxed start to your career at imbus.

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Nanjing 20.07.2019 – Managing Director imbus Shanghai gave the keynote speech at the ISQE Forum.

Möhrendorf 07.06.2019 – The 6th edition of the standard work for testing software "Basiswissen Softwaretest" is available.

Möhrendorf 27.05.2019 – With the expansion of the main location of imbus AG Möhrendorf near Erlangen, 40 new jobs were created. Above all, the…

By bike to work

Möhrendorf 06.05.2019 – on the 1st of May it was time again: the imbuslers got on their bikes. The summer campaign "Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit" has been…

Möhrendorf, 11.04.19 – On April 11, 2019, the R&D manager of the Bavarian Employers' Association for the Metal and Electrical Industry (bayme vbm)…

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